Social Activity Center

Location: İstanbul

Year: 2013

Employer: Ytong

Cathegory: Ulusal Yarışma, Kültür, Sergi, Kamusal Alan

Team: Seden Cinasal, Ramazan Avcı, Ozan Gürsoy, Kübra Paksoy, Gizem Karasu, Yücel Sala, Oğulcan Aksoy, Tuna Bozankaya, Murat Kurt

*mekan-izma (the word mechanism in Turkish, derived from the word “place”)

When it comes to the 'urban', the state of constant change stands out and program-oriented designs that are in a 'certain' - 'stable' state lose their validity. Accordingly, a 'dynamic' design that can adapt to the environment, to this rapid change, and reproduce itself in the context of meeting the different needs of the city and its inhabitants is aimed. For this purpose, a “mekan-izma” that does not distance itself from its user, that has the potential to transform according to its purpose and is aimed to be included in daily life at all hours of the day with is proposed.