Kara Harp School Defence Sports Center

Location: Ankara

Year: 2016

Employer: HAVELSAN A.Ş

Cathegory: Bina, Spor Yapısı

Project Area: 5.500 m²

Project Office: SCRA + FREA

Team: Seden Cinasal, Ramazan Avcı, Emre Şavural (FREA), Fatih Yavuz (FREA), Merve Görkem, Esra Nur Barakat, Betül Dönmez

Partners: Kınacı Mühendislik, Bahri Türkmen Mühendislik, Ovacık Mühendislik, Karina Yangın, MCC Aydınlatma, Propey Peyzaj, Birim Altyapı

Pictures: Yerçekim


Three gymnasiums make up almost the entire volume of the building. The form of the building is also shaped by the expression of the ideal operating scheme of these halls. The entrance hall of the building is placed in front of these 3 halls. Hall entrances and grandstand exits are provided through this hall. The exposed concrete surface, which rises up to half of the hall volumes, is used both for the assembly of sports equipment and as a continuous installation gallery on the horizontal that surrounds the building along its 3 sides by thickening. For the part between the roof and this massive surface including the interiors, a continuous glass surface is used in order to benefit from natural light as much as possible. The steel construction roof that sits on top is covered with aluminum panels from the outside and all the installations are designed to be exposed in the interior.