İstanbul AKM Sculpture

Location: İstanbul

Year: 2022

Employer: İstanbul Atatürk Kültür Merkezi Döner Sermaye İşletme Müdürlüğü

Cathegory: Ulusal Yarışma, Anıt, Kamusal Alan

Team: Seden Cinasal, Ramazan Avcı, Özlem Kurtcu, Gülay Karip, İrem Malgaş, Nil Özkır, Ayşe Dağoğlu, Özge Süvari, Ahmet Şenel, Dilşad Uzar, Selinnur Demirel, Nisa Kara, Taylan Özgür Aksoy, Furkan Atay, Busem Acar, Melis Yıldırım

3. Prize





* the orchestral introduction to a musical dramatic work (Merriam-Webster)

conceptual approach:


statue as an entrance symbol

As a Republican project, Atatürk Cultural Center is one of the important urban symbols that aimed to enable the culture and art understanding of the young state and social values to come to life in the form of productions that have turned into art, and has managed to do so. The Proust plan and its aftermath, imagining Taksim as the city center and AKM as the cultural center, its cult structure built with the design of Hayati Tabanlıoğlu, and its recently renovated state continue to represent Istanbul and the Republic, which we will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The art object, which will be located in an area with such a historical background and right next to an important cultural and artistic structure, is meant to symbolize the 100 years that have been the stepping stones of the Republic. The idea of the 'entrance piece' (ouverture), which is imagined to be created with the figural and sensory harmony to be created by the sculpture pieces representing each of these 100 years, formed the name and conceptual background of the project.

statue as a communication means

We argue that art carries traces from the sources that nurtured the minds of the artist and from society, and that it develops and grows with collective production. In metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, the contribution of artistic activities to production is an undeniable fact when the audience interacts personally.


Here and in all other areas of artistic production, the focus point is people.


There are many modern or postmodern approaches to how to relate plastic art objects such as sculptures.


In our proposal, the approach of the audience watching, listening (sound possibility), touching, making their own voice (music) through moving components and interacting has been adopted. In this context, the suggested sculpture is a musical instrument for a musician or an adult, a music itself with all the sounds it makes for a child or just the audience.


As it is known, at the beginning of autumn every year, there are seasonal openings of well-established cultural and artistic organizations in Turkey. (T.R. State Theatres, Presidential Symphony Orchestra, etc.) For this reason, it can be said that the autumn months are an active, interactive and energetic period in terms of cultural and artistic activities. It can also be said that we are trying to embody our proposal as objects that move harmoniously with the autumn wind, and produce their own music, in a cultural and artistic atmosphere whose season had recently begun.