Hacıbektaş Hotel

Location: Nevşehir

Year: 2021

Employer: İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi

Cathegory: Davetli Yarışma, Konaklama, Otel

Project Area: 14.836 m²

Team: Seden Cinasal, Ramazan Avcı, Özlem Kurtcu, Taner Keskin, Melih Baktır, Ayşe Dağoğlu, Gülay Karip, Gökçe Yıldız, Aybüke Çırpan, Baybars Konyalıgil, Mert Ergin, Bilge Ünlü, Akif Aydos


Hacıbektaş Hotel is located on the Kırşehir-Kayseri road in the Hacıbektaş district of Nevşehir. The main mission of the design is to maintain the principle of respect for nature in the Alevi culture without destroying the given space of the hotel. By analyzing the current situation, the building is located between the lower and upper levels of the land. In this way, it is aimed to integrate the building with the land. The roof terrace, defined as the “Has Bahçe”, meaning “Pure Garden”, opens to the locals and the public as a garden. The horizontal courtyard setup in Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli Dervish Lodge was reinterpreted by constructing it vertically with floors at different levels in the design. In the proposed construction, Nevşehir stone, which is one of the local materials, forms the walls with the masonry method, while the openings in the wall bear traces of rock carving architecture.